Points Secretary Announcement

Posted: 11/1/2017

I hope everyone has had a chance to check out the new WHO Points page, there is a link on the WHO website. This provides you a great place to check your horse/rider numbers, view results, current averages, points and classifications. If you are uncertain about your classification or think that you may have rated up in a class you might want to take the time to double check them prior to entering a show. Remember if you run out of your classified class you are running for TIME ONLY. Your time will not count for averages nor will your points count. Also, I know we have been saying to for years, but I want to remind you that it is YOUR responsibility to check your entries on the pink sheets at the show to make sure that your horse/rider numbers and times are written down correctly. Results are posted as they are written on those class sheets and we go by numbers, so if it is incorrect or not written at all it won’t be recorded. The ONLY exception to this is new riders who have not yet been issued numbers. I hope you understand that it is much easier for you to double check your own information on the pink sheets than it is for the point secretaries to look up numbers/name for everyone at the show. Since I am only human, please make sure to let me know if you come across a mistake on your information or results.

Suzie Kennell

WHO Point Secretary