Jr. Director Message

Posted: 11/1/2021

Congratulations to Jake Owens for winning the Junior scholarship for 2021! As the year winds down, the final piece for our juniors is 2021 Convention! At convention, we have three awards for our juniors. Our Rookie of the year is specifically for our juniors who’s first year was the 2020-2021 WHO season. We also have the most Improved award and Sportsmanship award. Be on the lookout for a list of eligible first year juniors for the Rookie of the Year award. Voting will be open until November 28th.

Congratulations to Dally Wheeler and Sophie for being the hi-point Junior for 2020-21 season, and to all of the juniors who made it to the top 10 standings this year.

See you all at Convention!

- Austin Kennell