President's Message - May 2022

Posted: 5/1/2022

Wow, 2022 seems like it is blowing by as it is already May. As we get into May, it looks like the show calendar is busy for the next couple of months. It’s time to really start thinking about Interstate and making travel plans. At the top of the list should be supporting your Princesses as they are very busy, not only in their WHO life but their high school life, with sports, jobs, etc. If you are waiting around for them to reach out to you, maybe take the initiative and reach out to them and ask how they’re doing. I’m sure they are stressed with high school life and WHO on their mind. We still need a couple of committee positions filled.

We need some interest in a judges and timers chair to take care of judges and timers. Tom Delker is the Rules committee chair, Tyler Weber is the Scholarship committee chair, Pam Fletcher will be taking care of Gold Card and Hall of Fame, and we still need someone to lead us to a wonderful convention. If you are interested in getting involved, or do have some ideas that can help us grow, this is a great start to get involved. A couple of shows to keep in mind are Princess McKinley’s show (7/23 & 7/24) and the Summer show (7/30 & 7/31). The show locations will all be added to the schedule once we get things locked in. Can’t wait to see everyone in the arena.

- Nick Meuret