2020 Convention Update

Posted: 11/29/2020

As you know, we did not have our traditional convention and year-end general meeting over this past weekend. The board is currently trying to put together a way for everyone to receive year end awards and conduct our annual general membership meeting, along with nominating and electing a new slate of officers and board members for the 2021 year.

Tully had organized and rearranged plans for our convention and meeting to be in the Salem Saddle Club arena, but with the now newer state restrictions, that is no longer possible either. It is looking very unlikely we will be able to gather as a group within the next couple of months.

The board is brainstorming ideas on ways to get awards handed out and elect new 2021officers and board members. We would appreciate ideas from you. If any of you happen to have a creative way to finish our business of the 2020 year please drop me a message or give me a call. 

We are sending out emails to everyone with this same information. I ask that you contact me through a private message or a phone call if you do not receive your email. No response means all is good. 

If you know of anyone that is not receiving emails from WHO through Yvonne Cook, or not receiving their newsletters in the mail, please let us know.

We are very sorry that our year is ending up in this manner. We are sorry that those of you that look forward to our award ceremony and the well-deserved recognition to those of you who have won awards and worked hard within WHO this year are not receiving the sendoff and thankful appreciation you so deserve. We are just trying to wrap up this year so that we can start fresh and new in 2021.

We hope to have plans within a week and will notify members. Watch for notices, postings, emails, mail, etc. We are hoping all business can be completed by the end of January or early February.

Terri Leach, WHO President