Notice of WHO Board action on Petition

Posted: 6/27/2020

Your WHO Board came together for our 4th meeting in two months because you asked us to listen to you. I was proud that 13 of your 14 board members gave up yet another night. The committee chairs were also in attendance and we had five non-board members in attendance.

Prior to the meeting, all board and committee members received copies of the documents, requests, comments, and suggestions that had been turned in to Terri Leach as well as other board members. Nick brought print outs of comments from several members that he had personally reached out to for viewpoints. We had printouts of the comments on the Facebook postings/threads.

Your comments were either read or discussed. Any document you sent in was shared with all board members before the meeting, giving each of us time to read through and think on your points. We spent two hours discussing the issues our general membership brought up - pros and cons. We had five non-board members at the meeting, who do not usually attend. Each had the opportunity to give their opinion and comments. Each was asked their opinions.

At the end of our discussion, the board has decided to stand by their original vote. We will NOT have a 24 month season for 2021 Interstate averages. The WHO 2020 season will end July 31, 2020 – no times will roll over to the 2021 season. We will have annual awards for our 2020 season as usual.

The WHO Board hopes that you understand that this decision is a tough one to make, there was a lot of discussion, and we did consider your suggestions. However, the Board believes we have made the right decision for WHO as a whole. We can end this year and get started with a fresh new one – rather than dragging this year’s problems into yet another year. We are sorry we are having to deal with this COVID situation that cannot be controlled by any of us, we are sorry that so many are losing some good times, we are sorry there is no Interstate 2020. However, we are fortunate we can at least have some shows and enjoy each other and the activities we love.

There will be a WHO Newsletter to come out in the first part of July. The board and show chairmen are planning some pretty fun shows for you starting in August It should be a fun way to end our summer.

Our next Board Meeting is planned for the month of October. I will share the date with you once it is finalized - you are all welcome to join us. Any rule changes you might be thinking of need to be turned in to the board before that meeting. Send to Geri Deskins, Rules Chairman.

For questions or concerns: SUGGESTIONS!

Terri Leach, WHO President: or text/call: 541-580-3683