Interstate Sponsorship

Posted: 7/24/2019

Notice to all WHO members and especially those of us that know the Interstate experience, hoping to attend, or care about the future of Interstate, we are in need of your help this year.  There is only ONE Interstate princess this year!! (One total - from both states.) Our Hailey Ferris is trying to collect enough financial sponsorship money to ensure Interstate happens. This is a unique year in that we just maybe need to send our ad/sponsorship money in even if we have not had contact yet with Hailey or take charge and contact her ourselves if you have not yet heard from her. She is busy. She cannot be everywhere. She is trying to get to shows in both states. She stepped in at the last minute because she was asked to and because of the importance Interstate has always been to Hailey and her family even though they have not been a part of it for several years now. They care about it. If you are like Jim, he has always said, “I’m not giving if they don’t come and ask me personally.” Well this year is different. Jim has sent his sponsorship without talking to Hailey. Hailey is busy working on Jim’s poem

We all need to take it upon ourselves if we want financial backing for interstate. It is not right to expect that one person raise enough money for all the rest of us to go have fun and compete. Come on let’s all help Hailey financially support Interstate!  Please feel free to contact me if you need a phone number or address for Hailey.  

Terri at 541-580-3683,